Have You Been In To See Us Lately?

Did we recommend a needed dental treatment the last time you visited our office and you ended up putting it off? We know that many patients cancelled and postponed appointments last year due to the effects of the pandemic. Now is the perfect time to reschedule the appointment. You will be free to enjoy the summer without any worry or concern about experiencing a dental emergency because you delayed treatment. Delaying dental treatment can lead to further damage in your mouth. Continue reading to learn why dental treatment should never be delayed.

Teenagers and Dental Health

Do you have a teenager in your life that you care for? If the answer is yes, then give yourself a pat on the back because you are dealing with one of the most difficult age brackets in a young person’s life. While every age has its unique challenges, teenagers begin to test the waters of adulthood and the boundaries. As we were all teenagers at one point, we can relate to the challenges of dealing with the first crush, mood swings, and finding your own identity. Along with all of these changes, teenagers are also now caring for their own hygiene, including their oral health. We want to share some helpful tips to ensure that your teen is properly managing their dental habits. Continue reading to learn more.