Root Canal: The Superhero Of Dental Treatment

Think about your favorite superhero movie. Most likely, the hero of the movie ends up saving the world from destruction. The same is true for a root canal in the way that it saves your natural teeth from destruction. At times, tooth decay or a tooth infection is unavoidable. Whether it is caused from lack of oral care, age, side effects of medication, or a medical condition, we try our very best to always save your natural teeth. When a filling or other treatment is not able to solve the problem, we recommend a root canal.

Protect Your Teeth With This Simple Treatment

Do you feel that you have good oral hygiene habits and still suffer from tooth decay? We know that it can be very frustrating to experience, but please know that you are not alone. According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, more than 92% of adults have cavities in their permanent teeth. There are many factors that can lead to tooth decay, such as sweets, frequent snacking, lack of oral care, medications, aging, and family history. There is a treatment we offer that can assist in maintaining your oral health and fending off pesky cavities. The biggest benefit is that it is available for children as well as adults. Continue reading to learn more about this simple treatment.

I Need A Tooth Extracted. Now What?

The start of a new year is the perfect opportunity to evaluate your oral health and move forward in a positive direction. If during your last examination you were warned about severe decay in a tooth, ignored the treatment plan, and then proceeded to overindulge in sweet treats over the past holiday season, not being very diligent about brushing and cleaning the tooth, there is a good chance that you might need that tooth extracted.

When Tooth Decay Strikes

Did you know that the average American has 3 fillings in their mouth? A dental filling is a simple procedure used to repair cavities or fractures in teeth. The most common purpose of a filling is to fix tooth decay that has grown into a painful cavity. Cavities are tiny holes but can cause problems if not treated with a filling. The cavity can become bigger and more painful.

This Treatment Is Not Just For Kids

Tooth decay is a common dental problem that occurs in children as well as adults. In fact, 92% of adults have dental cavities in their permanent teeth, according to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research. Even with brushing and flossing, other factors such as bacteria in the mouth, frequent snacking, and sugary drinks can lead to cavities. That’s why we recommend one treatment in particular for kids and adults to help protect your teeth from the bacteria that causes tooth decay. Read more to find out about this treatment.