No Need to Panic: Solutions for Cracked Teeth

The dental enamel on the outside of your teeth is the strongest substance in your body. That being said, even the mighty can fall, and it is not uncommon for our teeth to get cracks from time to time. The culprit could be anything from chewing on a piece of hard candy, chomping away at a piece of ice, or even taking a tumble and banging your mouth during the fall. If you realize that you may have a cracked tooth, it is important not to panic.

When Tooth Decay Strikes

Did you know that the average American has 3 fillings in their mouth? A dental filling is a simple procedure used to repair cavities or fractures in teeth. The most common purpose of a filling is to fix tooth decay that has grown into a painful cavity. Cavities are tiny holes but can cause problems if not treated with a filling. The cavity can become bigger and more painful.